One Only: Awaken to THE Relationship

In this Portal you are given the most powerful tools and techniques to assist you in clearing, transforming, and releasing the limiting energies, emotions, ideas, concepts, and beliefs that keep you from being the fully empowered, self-realized, ideal version of you.  

You will be guided to consciously connect and remember: You are everything, and everything is you. All of existence is in the most intimate relationship with itself as the unified infinite expressions of The One – Source.  

You are right where you are meant to be in this exact moment. Everything you have ever experienced has brought you in the here and now. You are an important and valuable aspect of the entirety of creation. If you desire the freedom to be the fully empowered ideal, real you, then the time is now.


Transformation Facilitation Session with Cher Hayes

With over 30 years of experience as  Transformation Facilitator, helping others free themselves of the mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic blockages, Cher is opening her limited availability to the public.

“Cher is an amazing, intuitive therapist. I was fortunate to meet Cher 25 years ago when I was struggling to find peace and health. My sessions with Cher “unlocked” hidden traumas I had chosen to suppress for many years. I have recommended Cher too many people and always hear great feedback. When I suggest friends to call Cher, the one thing I am absolutely sure of; Cher is not judgmental which allows a sense of safe space and freedom. I am grateful she has been a part of my life.”
L.R. Costa
“Cher truest gift is her ability to see the good and the beautiful in everyone and everything. This quality combined with intuition and a deep understanding of how the human mind works makes her a wonderful therapist. Cher worked with my daughter who is autistic, her smile is contagious and my daughter would always come out of her sessions with a huge smile on her face. As a parent of a child with special needs, it has definitely been a blessing to be able to work with someone who focuses on the strength and unique qualities of my child versus working with a therapist who just points out all the deficits and things to fix. Cher deeply loves what she does and it shows in how she works with her patients. I highly recommend her.”
E. Treil
“I had many successful sessions with Cher during the 20 plus years I have known her . She was always able to address the issue, and I left each session feeling more grounded and clear about matters and decisions in my life... allowing me to experience new perspectives and long term results. I have referred many people to Cher throughout the years. Cher is very passionate and dedicated about her work to help others and always there to listen and make you feel comfortable and at ease. She allowed me to be myself.”
L. Lee

One Only: Awaken To THE Relationship

Compiling over 30 years of experience into one place, ONE ONLY offers readers the tools and techniques that are needed to clear, transform, and release the limiting energies, emotions, and feelings that keep us from being our true fully empowered selves.

Tools and Techniques

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