Tools and Techniques

In this section you are given the links to what I have found to be very powerful materials to assist in your  journey of remembering, awakening, and transforming into your fully empowered true self.

1. One Only: Awaken to THE Relationship 

This book is a handbook, intended for use as a reference and remembrance of what and why  you are. In the book, you are given some of the most powerful tools and techniques to assist in  clearing, transforming, and releasing the limiting energies, emotions, ideas, concepts, and  beliefs (data) that are keeping you from being the fully empowered, pure expression of Source  that you are. 

2. Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification

In the book One Only: Awaken to THE Relationship, I shared the 3 most powerful techniques I  found during my 30 years of research and usage in my private practice as a Transformation Facilitator – and Ho’oponopono is one of them.

I am very excited that Dr. Joe Vitale, Mathew Dixon and Dr. Hew Len are now offering a  Ho’oponopono Certification training. Which stated by them is the most In-Depth, Complete, and  Definitive Training Ever Created on Ho’oponopono 

3. AWAKENED MILLIONAIRE ACADEMY - 15 "Triggers" To Achieve The  Impossible": Unlimited Financial Freedom And Spiritual Awakening... At The Same  Time 

I was hit very hard during the financial crash in 2008. I had to move because I could not  afford my home anymore and decided to purge most of my belongings. I even decided to  let go of my most valued possessions–my books. When a friend came over to choose  which ones he wanted, he shared with me an insight that helped me transform a  detrimental disconnect that was the cause of my lifetime of financial ups and downs. He  noticed how all the books related to spirituality were on one side and the ones about  financial abundance and sovereignty were on the other side. It was so obvious in that  moment how my two most prominent interest have always been separated in my mind,  and how that separation was the cause of my financial instability. We discussed how  common this issue is for many professionals in the healing and wellness fields. Not only  do these types usually focus on helping and serving, with a weakness to ask for anything  in return, they are also programmed into the deep-seated belief in the collective  consciousness that the people in these fields (especially spirituality) should not ask for  money. 

I am so happy Dr. Joe Vitale created this powerful program helping all of us unify our  relationship with spirituality and finance. I highly recommend.

4. The BioEnergy Code – Switch on the BioEnergy Switch

My main intent for writing the book One Only: Awaken to THE Relationship was to help  as many people as possible to remove all mental, emotional, spiritual and cellular  energetic blockages so they can remember and experience their true fully empowered  self, and consciously awaken to their relationship with the Source of all creation. 

In the book, you learn or are reminded that all of existence is energy – “Matter is energy,  energy is light, we are all light beings.” — Albert Einstein 

I found for you a remarkable program by Angela Carter that assists you in clearing and  removing the limiting memories/program all the way to the genetic, DNA level. 

For just 30 minutes per day, you will notice a more lightness of being, a reawakened  connection to Source, and the freedom to be the fully empowered true you.

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